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 4 Fundamentals 1) Steady position 2) Aiming ( proper eye relief / sight alignment / sight picture)

3) Breath control 4) Steady trigger squeeze

5 Parts to a steady position 1) Remove non-firing hand 2) Place the butt of the stock in the pocket of the shoulder

3) Firing hand, rearward pressure

4) Elbows in comfortable position

5) Stock weld is consistent

3 Elements for a good position 1) Good bone support 2) Muscular relaxation

3) Natural point of aim

4 Inter graded phases of firing 1) Prepatory - Clean rifle, torque everything, confirm zero, check ammo 2) Before firing - Relax and get ready, notifies spotter before shot

3) Firing - Breath / relax / aim / squeeze (B.R.A.S)

4) After - Proper follow through, analyze shot

6 Parts of follow though 1) Keep stock weld

2) Keep trigger squeeze all the way to the rear

3) Continue to look through scope

4) Keep relaxed muscles 5) Let barrel reset on target

6) Release trigger after recoil stops and barrel resets



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